Simi Hills Men's Golf Club

Pace of Play Policy

Simi Hills Men’s Golf Club Pace of Play Policy

The Men’s Club Board of Directors and golf course management have jointly developed a Pace of Play strategy to encourage tournaments to play faster and to improve overall enjoyment of the game.  Course management will marshal Club tournaments to promote pace of play.  The Board has authorized course professionals to monitor pace of play, give notices and warnings, and penalize those who do not adhere to this policy.

The pace of play goal for Simi Hills is 4 hours and 10 minutes.  If you are playing at a pace faster than that, you will not be considered out of position, regardless of any gap in front of you.  If you are playing at a pace slower than that, but are keeping up with the group ahead of you, you will likewise not be considered out of position.  In both of these cases, neither course management nor marshals will ever approach you. 

You may however be out of position if:

  • On the first tee, the group in front of you has teed off and you are not yet on the tee.
  • On a par three, the green is clear when you get to the tee.
  • On a par four, the group in front of you is on the green when you reach the tee.
  • On a par five, the group in front of you has hit their third shots when you reach the tee.


On the first tee:

  • If you’re not on the tee or in the immediate area when the group in front of you has finished teeing off, you are out of position and will be called to the tee.  This constitutes your first pace of play notification.
  • If you’re not on the tee when all other players in your group have teed off, you will be considered out of position and assessed a two stroke penalty.
  • If you are not on the tee and the group behind you has hit their first tee shot, you will be disqualified.

On the course: 

  • If your group is out of position, you will receive a notification that you are being put on the clock and be given 15 minutes to catch up.
  • If you have not regained your position after that initial 15 minutes, you will receive a warning that you are still out of position and your group will have an additional 15 minutes to get back in position.
  • If you remain out of position after those 15 additional minutes (30 minutes total), each member of your group will be assessed a two stroke penalty and given a final warning.
  • If you continue to be out of position for 15 minutes (45 minutes total) after that, your group will be disqualified from the tournament, issued a pro-rated raincheck and will be asked to leave the course.

Your responsibilities:

  • Be on time and play ready golf.  Nobody enjoys slow play and it is everyone’s job to keep up.
  • Help your fellow competitors.  Watch other players’ shots, help search for lost balls, wait to write down scores until the next tee box, and be ready to hit when it is your turn. 

Know the rules, play a provisional ball when appropriate and keep your head in the game.

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