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Victoria Lakes

March 7th is our annual trip to River Ridge. Victoria Lakes is a favorite venue for many of our members.


Tournament Handicaps

The Handicap Committee recommended to the Simi Hills Board of Directors and we voted to bring back a modified version of our Tournament Handicap (TH). In the past versions we calculated every person in the club and this was a monumental amount of work and in our opinion, way too many hours of work to reduce just a few. We are now only going to be looking at those twenty or so guys that consistently shoot around net par or better but also look at the guys that have shot what are considered exceptional rounds. This is only about 10% of the club so it reduces our work load to implement this by 90%. We will use your lowest five of the last ten scores from only Simi Hills Men’s Golf Club postable tournament rounds. We will only go back as far as one year and if you have less than ten scores we will calculate using the following formula, lowest 4 of 8 or 9 rounds, 3 lowest of 6 or 7 rounds and so on. We will use the same formula that is used by GHIN to calculate your regular index. Average of the lowest 5 adjusted indexes of your last ten scores that you have shot and then times that by .96 and that will give you your “TH”. We will recalculate once a month but reserve the right to modify whenever, if in our opinion the situation warrants a revision.

We will notify you by email and send you a printout of your calculations if we find that you need to be reduced. This is only used for our tournaments and we will not adjust your GHIN unless it becomes apparent that we need to do more. Numbers do not lie and it’s our obligation as the Board of Directors, to protect the field.

Handicap Committee

  • Willie Melancon
  • Leo Gravelle
  • John Van Diepen

Team Play

We won @ Glen Annie, 26 to 22. We will move on to the playoffs. Congrats to all the players who played their hearts out to win against a team that has won their group for the last six years.

This year we are again playing Olivas Links, Glen Annie and Santa Barbara. We are looking for members that are playing to their current handicap and are good at playing Match Play. If you would like to play or would like more info please call or email Terry Robuck   (805) 501-2413

2020 Schedule

Jan. 18th Home against Olivas Links     We won 44 to 4. Next week we will travel to Olivas and try to keep up the good play

Jan. 25th at Olivas Links. We won 31 to 17 at Olivas Links. 

Feb. 1st Home against Santa Barbara  We win 32 to 16

Feb. 8th at Santa Barbara   Our first lost 17 to 31

Feb. 15th Home against Glen Annie  We win 29 to 19

Feb. 22nd at Glen Annie  We win 26 to 22

New Website

Welcome to our completely new website.

We hope you like the new format and enjoy the extra content. We will be adding extra links and videos as we go here in the next couple months

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